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Vision and Goals

The primary mission of Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities is to ensure good quality higher education in social sciences and humanities in Nepal to help the country in its efforts to bring about more equitable and desirable social changes and a more open, democratic society.

In order to realise this ideal, Nepā School aims to develop into a centre dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, research, publishing, critical thinking and informed discussions on issues relevant to Nepal and the region. Nepā School aims at bringing together a pool of high-quality academic talent who are able to provide world-class teaching and contribute to the repository of social science knowledge with quality research and publications while our graduates will be expected to be capable of competing in the region and the world.

Nepā School will be open, egalitarian, inclusive and welcoming of a diversity of ideas, theories, methodologies as well as cultures. The academic environment in our campus will foster informed, reasoned debates that respect rival perspectives.

In the long run, Nepā School will develop into a full-scale institution of higher education that runs both undergraduate and graduate courses as well as PhD programmes in the social sciences and humanities and conducts academic as well as applied research.


The Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in early 2009 by Social Science Baha as an independent, not-for-profit company. It has its own Board of Directors to provide the broad policies and supervision of the School, and the School is managed by a team appointed by the Board. An independent international advisory committee consisting of eminent scholars will provide periodic supervision and advice to ensure quality.


Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities is a non-partisan, secular and equal-opportunity institution. It does not discriminate on the basis of caste/ethnicity, creed, race, religion, gender, age, financial status or physical disability. However, in order to make its student body representative of the social, cultural and regional diversity of Nepal and enable socially and economically disadvantaged talents to compete, Nepā School encourages applicants from disadvantaged groups to apply for admission.