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Class of 2012

students 2012
Top Row (left to right): Janak Raj Hamal, Injina Panthi, Rina Chaudhary, Shahani Singh Shrestha, Shanti Barmashkha, Anusha Dhungana, Sumina Karki, Rajib Timalsina
Bottom Row (left to right): Gobinda Chhantyal, Kabi Raj Koirala, Ranjeet Lama, Pramila Bisunke, Pradip Giri





I love to read biographies and autobiographies. I want to pursue my career in the differently able people, especially with women. As a family member of differently able people, I have a close affiliation towards this sector. So, I want to share my personal experience via academic knowledge of Social Science which I am learning from Nepā School.

Anusha Dhungana

I am Gobinda Chhantyal from Baglung district, west Nepal. My greatest interest lies in anthropological, sociological and historical research on different aspects of the Chhantyal community, as it has been neglected in research writings so far. In the past, I have worked for a nongovernmental organization that engages in research work and advocacy for socio-political issues of marginalized communities all over Nepal. I have also worked for newspapers and magazines; it basically focused on the issues of indigenous peoples. My other interests include traveling across Nepal to write about its people and landscapes

Gobinda Chhantyal



As a human being, it is usual for me to feel pain and suffering of needy people and want to contribute something to society. The disorder, chaotic situations and wrong doings really touch me. So I wanted to advocate, aware and bring good change in society. I decided to be a journalist and be a voice of voiceless, watchdog of society and representative of people. After spending 5 years as a student of journalism I felt some lacking in my course which I should fulfill to become a promising journalist. Actually my University course mainly focused on principles of journalism and how to be a good journalist. I wanted to have knowledge about theoretical foundation of society so that I can reflect more on my writing. I chose Nepā School to know my society from political, social and anthropological glasses. After joining this institution, I am exploring more and my horizon of career is widening .Now I want to be an academician, which will give me privilege to update my knowledge, write and contribute society by giving new insight and share my knowledge through teaching.

Injina Panthi

I was born in Humla, mid-east Nepaland did my SLC from my home town. I came to Kathmandu for my higher studies in 2002 B.S. I have completed Bachelor of Social Work from Kadambari Memorial College affiliated to Purbanchal University. In between, I worked as Research Assistant with PhD Research fellow. Therefore, being a social work student I was motive to join Graduate Diploma Programme. My goal is to be a researcher in Nepal especially in political, social issue. I want to give first priority to Karnali region. Altogether, I want to continue my higher studies in the field of social science.  I want to develop solid foundation in terms of academic field and hope Nepā School helps me to be a good researcher.

Janak Raj Hamal



I am interested in knowing myself through knowledge and critical thinking. Once I achieve this (to a certain degree of satisfaction), I would like to contribute to society through the social sciences. I would like to research some socio-psychological issues such as the psychology of street children, traditional beliefs and their psychological consequences, and the sexual psychology of different occupational groups. I have been involved in family planning surveys through the Mary Stopes Centre in Kavre district for my Bachelor's degree. I have also been involved in community health surveys in Changu Narayan V.D.C in Bhaktapur for my Master's degree.

Kavi Raj Koirala



I am from mathematics background even though I am more interest on social sector. Having knowledge is more important for human beings. All human beings are capable to get knowledge but due to the lack of opportunity and environment, they are not getting knowledge. I join the Graduate Diploma Program to learn more knowledge on the field of social sciences and to develop critical analysis which is necessary for every people. I do not have any particular goal in my life. I think that knowledge is more important than goal. Also knowledge automatically creates our goal. If we have good knowledge, we can achieve our goal in any field that’s why I joined this program. Nowadays, I am feeling better.

Pradip Giri

Being a student of Social Work, I am always interested in various social issues in community and this is what derived me to study social science at Nepā School and now I am interested in pursuing Master's degree in Political Science and would like to be enrolled in research related with politics.

Pramila Bisunke



I am graduated from Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University and want to pursue my career in academic field. I like to engage in academic discussions and arguments. I am interested to conduct research in political anthropology, identity politics and diasporic movement.

Rajib Timalsina

I am a student of history interested on Anthropological study of musical instrument of ethnic group and its foundation. I love to visit new places and meet new people studying their lifestyle. I want to be a researcher.

Ranjeet Lama



I was born in a small village, Salauly, Chitwan. I am educated in a Government school. Then I received my Higher Secondary education and Undergraduate degree from HSEB and T.U. respectively. I studied management. However I was very interested in Social Sciences but I was unable to continue management and social sciences at the same time. During my under graduate study, I taught in a primary school. My interest is to understand gender imbalance in a society. I want to develop my career as a gender analyst.

Rina Chaudhary

I am interested in growing as a creative and academic writer and researcher. Several subjects within the social sciences interest me, and therefore, I like interdisciplinary treatment of social issues. I think social science is a great field to pursue in Nepal -- at the moment (through the programme at Nepā School), it is giving me the tools to analyse a lot of social problems within my immediate surroundings. I hope this process will grow enough to have me incorporate my education into multiple forms of media in the future.

I have worked as a feature writer and sub-editor for newspapers in the past. Various social issues, especially those on language and culture, took to my interest. I would pursue writing further on the subject (among other social topics) after graduating from the Graduate Diploma programme. The combination of Anthropology with Sociology, Politics and Research Methods offered at Nepā  School is certainly working well for my immediate career goals.  

Shahani Singh Shrestha



I am a student of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies (CPDS) and also the student of Business Studies but I am very much interested in social science and want to see my career as social scientist with serving human beings and society. I am also interested in doing research especially in the issues of Dalit community, social and gender issues. Lately, I am interested in writing and maybe I will be engaged in writing in near future.

Shanti Barmashkha

While working as a journalist, I realized that journalism was not only about reporting-- Who Said What; Where and How. The writer's observation and analytical power was/is equally required to do justice to this field. And for that one needs to go back to fundamentals and learn about society and politics and what better could help me understand them then Social Science. I felt that I needed to understand society in simpler terms. Well after Nepā School, I would like to get my hands into research on diverse contemporary issues. However, at the moment, I am more interested in ethnic communities and the richness that can be seen in their traditional attires and jewelry.

Sumina Karki